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26th January.

Today is Australia Day, the plus side being a public holiday for most workers to be taken on Monday.
This day has been pushed down our throats for many years and they even took the guaranteed long weekend off the workers in the late 1980s, and even a day off when it sadly falls on a Saturday.
In reality the true Australia Day is the 1st of January, the anniversary of when our lovely country was created.
Today is not a day the native people will ever take to heart because despite many gains from settlement their own sovereignty was lost.
So for a real celebration it's Joan Leslie's birthday today with the piccie from the movie Sergeant York 1941, with June Lockhart (yes the mother in Lost in Space)  and Walter Brennan, who always looked old. How times change, back then a lass her age was considered old enough to marry in a movie but now an actress her age would be told on-screen that she's grounded for life if she as much as looks at a boy.
She's now one of the few survivors from one of the best movies ever made, Yankee Doodle Dandy, the lovely Joyce Reynolds being about the only other of note, a crying shame they didn't make it in colour but 1942 wasn't a great year for colour films.
It's a good day for birthdays Some Canadians may have heard of an ice hockey player named Wayne Gretzky, Former Aussie cricket captain Kim Hughes turns 60, despite history perhaps not being kind to him he was a very fine batsman who rose to captain at a time of great turmoil.
So the day's not a total loss.

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