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Time to leave.

My puff was about to expire so it was time to leave and relax at home. This was an impressive sight, there must be plenty of money spent of these rides but mere mortals like me can only afford to look.
It says stars but I don't see any evidence of it, all being unknown to me.
This was the only smoker I saw, which was really quite astonishing I can't imagine the smoking rate of carnies has dropped below 110% maybe I was just lucky, at least the juniors who would ride there wouldn't notice it due to their excitement.
Then I left before it became too busy for this weary old man.

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  1. I'm sure one of the ladies is Kim Kardashian. The others I don't know by sight but here's what I found. #10 of the Tennesee Titans (US football) was Vince Young a few years ago, a 6-foot 5-inch tall and 232-pound quarterback. The red outfit is NASCAR driver David Reutimann ranked 31 with 18 wins. Lots of Americans except for the formula 1 car (and even that could be an indycar).