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This reminds me of an American medal.

Medals aren't so common in Australia, this purple heart got me thinking of my Great-uncle John McGregor 4881 who was killed in WW1, he was wounded and hospitalised for a fair while sometime before he copped the fatal bullet to the head, but medals aren't easy for NCOs to come by.
He had already been promoted to the highest rank possible for a non-upper class man, Sergeant, and eventually was shot in the head trying to retrieve one of his boys that was wounded, but I suppose he needed to be more important to be thanked.
His record can be found in our national archives


  1. It is really something to see the digital copy of the document.

  2. Yes indeed, they've done a splendid job of preserving documents from that time and making them available to all to peruse, not just the important people.
    I spent some time fruitlessly looking into his mate Charlie Cavenagh, but found plenty of other tales doing it.