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A good use for this misnamed spread.

I bought a couple of jars of this chocolate spread some time ago and didn't fancy it on bread much, I suppose there's a hint of hazelnut in there someplace so the do-gooder types can feel justified feeding it to their children, but anyway I thought I'd find an alternative way to use it, glad I did because I noted it had recently passed its best before date, and yes they were bought because of a decently discounted special.
I saw a recipe somewhere so when these cute by-jingo molds arrived I gave it a go.
A couple of spoonfuls of the spread mixed with enough milk and whacked into a blender, pour into molds then freeze, result in a taste like chocolate paddle pops, or milk ices for non Aussie readers. This is my second batch, the first was quite yummy.
The by-jingo molds are cute too. Sorry about the square format shot, I forgot to change the camera setting back to my usual 16:9.

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