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Trimmed at last.

Sorry I've been ultra slow of late, and I'll be slow a few days yet.
Anyway Ergon finally came and trimmed the nuisance tree on the footpath outside our place that grows into their powerlines, they sent out mail months (forgotten how many) ago saying they were coming shortly to inspect.
I wish they'd prune it at ground level.

The grey sky is what we've had all month, groan.


  1. Gah. They do the same thing here. Just because a bird perched on a power line expels a seed on the ground doesn't mean a tree should be allowed to grow there.

  2. The greens will hate me but trees are not something to be revered higher than hindus rate cattle.
    Australia and what seems every country have way too many trees on the side of roads, in a crash the tree always wins, but the worst thing about that is it destroys the view when you're travelling.
    One factor in us moving to Ingham was enjoying living and driving around sugar cane fields, the sort that take carbon dioxide out of the air and turn it into sugar, with the bonus of having a minimal effect on the view.