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The new toy.

A bit more colour would be nice. Jimmy shall name it 'Cubby' partly for the green colour and partly for the storage pockets that abound.
As to the green link, Broccoli is green and those who know of James Bond 007 may grasp it.


  1. Sunshine State? We have that on our plates here in Florida.
    Storage space is good. Your fuel economy obviously won't be as good as with Artie but it's not likely your planing a trip to Perth.

  2. Yep traditionally we're known as the sunshine state. similar to Florida in that some other states get less rain.
    The fuel economy on the trip was actually a pleasant surprise, cheered me up a fair bit. I've seen moans online regards fuel consumption but mainly involving the 1.6, perhaps Cubby's 1.8 is a better choice?