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I had to inspect Cubby's internals ASAP in case some treatment was required, happily the link chain appears fine, also the timing belt appears fairly recent so I'll leave that for a bit.
My manual indicates this engine has solid lifters and shims so to no surprise every single one was too tight, with no real clearance, Jimmy was disappointed as finding shim kits on-line seems to border on impossible.
With a heavy heart I tried a bit later with a thinner feeler and it slipped in easily, scratches head. Turned engine back over to the first set again and tight as buggery, hmm, wait a while and the feeler slips in easily. Oho they must be using hydraulic tappets with a standard shim, OK Jimmy lets put it back together and move on.
The Aussie market ones must have used hydraulic tappets to avoid complaints.
There was a bit of black carbon crud about the top end but I don't think I'll lose sleep over it.

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