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Nothing ever goes to plan.

I've been slow of late because I've been in the mood for a new toy to play with, it was time to pension off Artie and find another, but as per usual disaster struck, the breather hose shown in the centre right of this shot came adrift and oil was sprayed throughout the engine bay, luckily though I had checked it reasonably early before the oil had all vacated its rightful home.
I found a bit of wire and surprisingly as bad as it looks, it held.
Real disaster struck later when I hit a pothole large enough that gravel pieces the size of Uluru would be required for filling. Always tough to diagnose on a road trip but I think it may have destroyed an engine mount, and as a result possibly the inner drive shaft joints.
The end result being quite pleased to move on with my life, I had vowed to take Artie to the wrecker whenever an incident happened so was actually not unhappy with the trade in deal despite the damage not amounting to much.


  1. You jinxed yourself buying those new tyres. ;)

  2. Jinxed is the word.
    Most worrying was leaving my lovely blue smurf bag behind, it contained the pills I take in order to sustain life (debatable whether I deserve them) as well as camera chargers and a swag of memory cards, probably heaps more too but luckily I'll find out when Tony mails it back, phew.