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I went for a wander about Tyto again this morning (I think I should do it far more often), and this machine bothered me, it's a reflection of our development. Water has become the main drawcard and it's priced the same as drinks that actually cost money to produce, we're a sick society to fall into this trap when there's all the water you can drink flowing out of taps that's effectively free.

Of course I'm way out of touch and can't see why they're more than $1 but as a pensioner plenty of things are out of our reach.


  1. Those prices are outrageous. That's what you'd pay here in Florida at a theme park with a captive audience.

  2. I must try to get another shot of the machine in its surrounds, our weather has been too wet, grey and horrid for me to take any photos of late.
    We had our wettest July day on record early this week.