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RIP Clive.

I've just found out My Dad Fred's cousin Clive Hodge died a little while back.
You'll be missed Clive.

I took this photo five years ago at the Caves hotel at Buchan, Clive is in the middle with Fred in the green shirt, the chap in the red shirt is a local, Darkie who was a lot of fun to talk with that day.

Fred now thinks he is the oldest member of his clan upon Clive's passing, and since he has ambitions of becoming the world's oldest person hopes to keep the title for a while.

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  1. Clive was ok, played football with him, correct me if I'm wrong Jim as I don't have photos of of the Centenary game... used to but things get lost, must get to the Bairnsdale Advertiser one day...

    You still up for Moranbah??? we're booked in at the Black Nugget.