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Tru has a new sticker, it sort of suits my lifestyle and driving, at least it's friendlier than the angry ones the young fellas favour.

Come to think of it I should start to use a few more American spellings, favor is easier and makes enough sense logically.


  1. Don't go there Jim.... you'll drag your quality postings down, although interestingly enough, some of the American spelling is derived from old English.... have a look at wagon and waggon.

  2. Yes you're right mega I shall stay in my comfort zone but because English is a live language that can change i.e I'm comfortable with billion meaning 1000 million rather than the previous 1,000,000 million.

    As to Moranbah it doesn't fit logically, can you come up with a time a few weeks in the future that may suit for a visit? Better to spend a couple of days than a couple of hours, also I may do some shopping for toys for Tru if I travel down there. She was shod with a poor choice of boots and it's a conundrum i'd like to correct. She has 235-45-17 feet and i'd prefer she had standard 215-60-16 or 215-55-17 feet on her.

  3. Ok Jim, as for boots, spend a few dollars and get the Michelin Energy jobbies, wouldn't worry about trendy low profile things, nothing wrong with comfort and at legal speeds, more than adequate, have the energy ones on the Camry, going well.