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A dilemma.

I bought this oil as part of a air/oil filter and oil package which meant virtually getting the oil filter and oil gratis after when you account for the normal price of Tru's uncommon air filter.

The dilemma is Repco appear to now be using Penrite as the supplier of their oil, where previously it was Mobil.

I rate Penrite oil about as highly as Kevin Rudd's term as PM, and don't really want to use it in any of my engines. I might try to give it away but that could come back and bite me but it could be a good gearbox oil for someone.


  1. I thought I posted a comment last night????
    Oh well..

    If the oil had a rating of CF-4+, I'd use it in the Kat.....

    Early days yet....

  2. Of concern is Penrite's history of winning fans by staying clean. Meanwhile the engine builds up the filth that the oil is supposed to pick up.

    Rudd was left enough money in the bank to see out two terms easily without doing too much damage to the economy, he hasn't even managed one before p*****g it against the wall, and has no lasting sign of where it went. Most people eventually get promoted beyond their level of competence and our current PM is a shining example.