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Here we go again.

I thought Lipitor were bad news pills after racking up a huge cost at the hospital for a pill caused false alarm, but these Crestor the doc put me on in place of the Lipitor are possibly even more dangerous.
I've been as sore as buggery lately but didn't give that much thought as I've had balance problems that concern me enough to book a stint to see the doctor next week. Grace mentioned that perhaps the pills were causing the problem so I did a bit of checking and bingo! These Crestor can cause Rhabdomyolysis (wish I could say it but i'll write it down for the doc) and are very dangerous, methinks they're doing it to me and my kidneys are in poor enough shape as it is.

I think I can live with my cholesterol, it was never high anyway, the cure seems worse than the disease.

I'll still see the doc though as I think the loss of balance I have is a different issue and predates the Crestor use by a long way, it was only a fluke that I saw a link with Crestor and the pain I've been in.

Of course the doc will tell the official line of how Crestor is even more perfect than the flawed Lipitor that preceded it. Meanwhile the drug companies bask in their subsidised riches.

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