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I ordered this vernier caliper from Focalprice and its quality has surprised me, it's a beauty and the big clear display will be liked by my aging eyes (that's the reason for buying it.

The surprise is that it's a quality unit in a nice case and would make an excellent gift/prize for someone, and the receiver wouldn't even think the giver was a cheapskate. Only US$14.52 and comes with a spare battery.

Golly this is an ad! But no I don't get paid, I only posted because it impressed me.


  1. Very impressive, quality looks good, but, as you know, I did my apprenticeship back in '91, not once when I was doing it did I ever use "inches" and funny thing.... I've never used that "inch" thing in my trade.... hmmmm...

  2. I wrote a review for Focalprice earlier that may be published later hopefully. You may enjoy the comment I did about inches in that mega.