Prize opening.

I had no idea what was in my raffle prize so I put it in the fridge to wait for Olivia to open it.
When I saw men's and women's prizes were different I was hoping for alcohol but this was a pretty good result.
Some razors and a shaving brush.
A tin of the best instant coffee International Roast, something our budget doesn't stretch to these days.
A bar of soap, useful but not something a man would get excitement from.
Some clothes pegs.
Some band-aids, I've never had much use for these, as a child our home didn't have them, and over the years I've just tended to use masking tape on finger wounds.
These were wrapped in a handkerchief to make the prize resemble a bomb. I was raised by a foster Grandmother for much of my younger days so I find handkerchiefs most useful and I actually disdain the use of tissues, I know I'm in the minority now holding that view.
The end result for me was a very well thought out prize, kudos to those who thought about what to offer.

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