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A learning experience.

I was asked to replace another watch battery in this somewhat fancier one than I'd usually play with, naturally as it has a fancy label it takes a slightly different cell than the ones I'm used to, but no worries I've ordered some in.
The worries started later when I wanted to see if the crown worked alright to set the hands.
That was the end of my easy job, the stem had corroded away a bit and the crown snapped off, and off I had to look online for a new (and overpriced) stem, I just hope I can get the bit of stem out of the old crown later.
I hope Kevin who owns the watch is in a good mood as he isn't going to like this and the reality is that it isn't really worth the effort of pursuing it but I do like the concept of maintaining things in running order.
It seems this model has a quite complex system of resetting things after battery replacement, and that's something I found out about after investigating it online, you've got to love the internet.


  1. This is a beautiful watch. A pity about the stem.
    I hear you about the cost of repairs.
    The CR1220 CMOS battery I ordered for my Canon camera finally showed up in the mail. Couldn't find one local.
    When a computer breaks here in the states, it's off to the landfill rather than fix it.
    New fancy phones have taken the place of traditional cameras, watches and computers.

  2. It may have some sentimental value but I see the integral stopwatch as a lot of trouble for something that'll never be used. Phone cameras are responsible for creating the horribly irritating phenomenon of vertical aspect video, as well as way too many portrait mode photos, I curse them with a passion.