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Proton Saga/S16 brake pads.

In a curious and experimental mood a week ago I ordered a set of pads meant for another vehicle that according to info about their shape should be fine for Daisy, plus they were less than half the price of the true catalogue pads.
I was right, the new pads are identical to the original pads but are a much prettier blue. What is odd is that the original don't have the screamer tang that the catalogue indicates.
Anyway if budget is important consider this as an alternative, the Bendix catalogue lists the replacement as a DB1748 but I ordered DB1725 which is listed for a Holden Barina TK 2005-2009, or as it really is before a different badge is slapped upon it, a Daewoo Kalos. These pads are far more readily available and less than half the price.
Anyway I hope the new pretty blue Protex pads I installed are nice and gentle on the rotors, harsh performance pads are pointless for gentle drivers like me, we have no need for repeated fade-free operation, that's for the racetrack as our roads are far too heavily policed to bother with spirited driving nowadays.
The only tool needed is a number 14 spanner, a dead simple job that only few percent of people would consider doing in these nanny times.

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