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Five years ago today since my Nana died.

Only in her later years did I start to know her, this is my last photo, taken a year and a half before she died when she was only 98.
I visited with my Dad Fred but I was so depressed by the nursing home she had moved to that I only took one photo and left. I certainly hope I can avoid these death farms as I age.
When I saw a huge expensive (and probably double normal price due to the way the system works) TV with the an awful picture made worse by not setting the correct aspect ratio (fat heads) I just knew that nobody cares about the cattle in here any more than to give them whatever simple things needed to sustain life, their meals and pills, and hopefully they're far enough from the ambulance for them to be deceased before they arrive.
We seem to pour money into social issues here in a manner like sweeping dirt under a carpet.

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