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Mystery location.

My Dad's visit brought some old photos that I have scanned, this one made me curious, it seems to show brother Mega doing a fairly normal operation that boys in their prime do, but I'm curious as to where it is, with luck it may spur Mega's memory.


  1. I cannot remember the exact time or place, however, the braces I was wearing were brought back from the USA by mother and unfortunately, were stolen from the change shed when I was playing Rugby in Sydney against Manly, probably around '80 or so. If it is Buchan, and I think it is, I would likely have been riding the GT750... I think, if not, it could have been one of the rides bro Mick, Ken and I made to Buchan on our kats which would be '82 or '83.

  2. Originally my head said the road to the caves but street view doesn't show the background hill, however now after your words I believe the trees have grown to obscure the hill and think you're right. Thanks Mega.

  3. Also it would have been Dec 1981 when I toured with you and company, judging by your clothing and beard.