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Another location mystery.

Another mystery for mega. I'm curious to see what this part of the planet looks like now but it's too vague for me to think of the location. Things of note are it's bitterly cold, I think Count is on the left with what I think is his Triumph, it seems the rainbow machine is having a run but I don't think it's too far from Sydney, perhaps Blue Mountains?


  1. After showing this photo to Count, it is highly likely it is Round Corner at Dural, it would have been in '78 as I was back from Cairns then, I would have been cold since I had not long left from from living in Cairns.

  2. Fairly sure its early, breakfast stop. Quite sure its Round Corner at Dural but no recollection why we were there!! I do remember being bloody cold

    1. I think it was the run to Fox's parents place at Wisemans Ferry, thats about the only run that I can remember when I had the panniers on.... could be wrong as it was a looooong time and many schooners ago....

    2. That would fit with that. Munch (RHS on Pic) decked his kwacka 900 on a damp bridge that night i think too