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Very suspect smoking area.

It seems our council has decided to mark two areas of the TYTO precinct as designated smoking areas, currently they're only marked by butt bins and knowledge is restricted to word of mouth but to me there's something very suspect about the very convenient positions for smokers but very inconvenient for those who don't wish to partake nor to the children who visit and have to pass by the fumes to access popular parts. In this photo the steps to the viewing tower are seen to the right of the butt bin.
From a different angle, the butt bin is on the middle post. Quite a nice spot for the legions of smokers pouring out of the cafe.
A deliberately overexposed shot of the other smoking area, it's in the area to the right with the butt bin in the left of picture. This is the main entry to the precinct and if used people must negotiate their way past smokers to enter, the library is the building in view.
 Rule 8 is pretty straightforward, officially without a signed designated area (of which there aren't any) smoking isn't allowed yet my nose says differently. My problem is since the council controls the precinct and sets the rules I'll be wasting my time mentioning it to them, especially as my observations are there can't be more than a small handful of non-smokers employed by council.
On a plus side smokers do a fantastic job of keeping our economy afloat, the taxes are very punitive and help to keep them in a poverty cycle that means them delaying retirement in order to keep their needed cash flow, for many of them of course death will arrive before that happy day, so they do a good job of subsidising me, just a pity that there's a sphere of bad air about them.

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