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Stretching out at Disney's land.

Or at least the entry to Disney station. The straight is about 9 km long, there's longer but this one has a river passing through the middle forming a shallow valley that lets us see the other end. The surface of this section was awful, likely from flooding.
At maximum zoom with the SZ-16 that I used for almost all the trip. those vehicles are still quite a distance, ample time to get a bit more comfortable, but because some were those quaint USA motorcycles with oversize v-twin engines I had to close my ears since they all seem to have exemptions from the noise laws. Plenty must have been attending a rally further north but I suppose as compensation for them being openly allowed open pipes they all suffered penance by having to refuel at the half-way point on this long lonely road, Belyando Crossing, where fuel is $2.06 a litre, 50c more than town fuel.
Another oddity is despite them loving the idea of being non-conformist individuals they all wear the same black outfits.

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