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The TV here was typical of what accommodation now uses, but since none of the places we stayed at offered subscription TV they mustn't get used much. This one in particular would have been hardly used since the aerial socket was so loose that it would fall out if you did as much as whisper. I fixed that in a few seconds with a slight squeeze of pliers on the socket, but all TVs we used had to either be retuned totally or change the settings back to standard from the freakish things that people do trying in vain to get a picture, one of them even had a set top box set to NTSC, which results in a coarse B&W picture, only the under 40s would be impressed by B&W these days, having suffered through it in my youth it's not something I wish to revisit.
The concept of offering an internet connection in Aussie accommodation is still almost unknown and we didn't find any on our trip except for punitive charges like $10 a minute, this is a thing that makes us look bad on the world stage, even Philippines in the lowest price hotels offer free internet.
Our comfy bed for the night, we had a period of near panic in the morning when Jimmy couldn't find his wallet, eventually Olivia found it under the bed, where we believe it had fallen when she had done the tidy thing of hanging up Jimmy's pants.

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