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Voting day.

I went for my longest drive so far this year when after popping in to see how Grace was doing I drove out to the fairly quiet locale at Macknade to vote.
24 solar panels on the roof, I suppose with the added cost of an inverter it's worth about $5,000, so I suppose the taxpayer coughed up $50,000+ for it and the contractor who did the job is still smiling.
These are the three main candidates with the hat in the middle being our famous and long term member.
Here's hoping tonight ends up a good night though it's off to a bad start with the Cowboys game clashing with the vote count, hopefully that'll be the only bleak part of the night.
Voting is compulsory here and naturally failure has a heavy penalty, I'm not sure if the Mikado is correct but he may be close, " I think boiling oil occurs in it, but I'm not sure. I know it's something humorous, but lingering, with either boiling oil or melted lead." 
Though now that the country is broke a $60 fine might suffice.
Grace's red and yellow flowers look nice and neat.
Talking of bleak the weather for the last couple of days has been a bit horrid, I hope that isn't an omen.
P.S Happy birthday to Rhonda.


  1. Due to my Dad's naval service, my parents will share a (free) plot in a veteran's cemetery that is 100% non-monument. My Mom went first unfortunately, and Dad will join whenever his time comes. The plot is whatever section they are up to at the time, since they top off and finish each section as a whole, so it looks fairly rough in the meantime.

  2. I believe you get better results by having only interested voters rather than mandatory. We have movements here to make registering to vote it easier (which I agree with) or even automatic (which I don't).

  3. The quirk in my immediate family is wars have come at time when the ages were wrong. My maternal GF was asked to do one more harvest before joining WW1, and then it was too late, paternal GF too young, then both had many children by WW2. My father was too young for WW2, and Korea never crossed his mind. I was too young for Vietnam, but I would never have passed a medical anyway.
    Our voting system does have the added fairness of being a preferential one where voters preferences are distributed to their next choice if their first pick is eliminated, This results in the least despised candidate being elected, perhaps it compensates for being forced to vote.