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My own fault of course but I had my first explosion since I began brewing ultra cheap Ginger Beer a few weeks ago. I've been bottling a bit green and relying on checking for over-pressurising by a squeeze test, but I had left it too long for this one. being able to squeeze plus not having to pick up fragments afterwards is why I won't use glass bottles, but I can report it made a thunderous noise when it yielded to pressure, maybe something akin to what the poor folk in Dresden copped 70 years ago, though since it was only one perhaps Hiroshima may be a closer comparison.
The bottles reside in the bathroom (a real one, not a quasi USA one) and sadly it scattered them, so now I've lost the order, but that's no big deal. A mopping and a hosing make for a fairly easy cleanup but the shock of losing a whole bottle has put me off drinking for a couple of days to compensate for the loss and waste.

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