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Thinking sideways.

The switch on Cubby's tailgate hasn't worked since purchase but while I had the trim off to do the number plate lamps a week ago I had the idea of using a gravity switch, so ordered one and left the trim off until the job was done. Quite a simple job but still with a touch of fiddlyness. I made a bracket to mount it at a proper angle out of some scrap, painted it a cute colour and pop-riveted it in place.
Now the rear area is lit again when the tailgate is open, as well as the warning lamp on the dashboard working. I had played with the idea of an electronic solution but quiescent current is a no-no, also until I can find a Hyundai dealer who will accept orders on-line, buying genuine parts is quite awkward.
This is probably a modification that will not draw the ire of the law, we still have a few freedoms to personalise but nothing like free countries like the USA and 2nd and 3rd world countries, even old time communist countries would have way more freedom than we have, but our constitution doesn't really grant us any rights. Almost amusing in a sad way is for many years seeing what messes USA people can make of their vehicles and be road legal, if they were here then they would travel about 5 metres on one of our roads before being ordered off it, but many of those mods are very selfish, like removing mufflers in order to see how loud they can be (something also done here) and taking mudguards off old cars, perhaps to help their mate who's a windscreen fitter.
Happily though for us many things that can incur the wrath of the law are overlooked or at least advised to fix if you pass the roadside attitude test.

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