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Possibly our new PM's house.

When I saw Tony Abbott with his pushbike on TV I noted his house number was the same as ours, that sprung me into curiosity mode, and had me wandering the streets around his electorate (yet he's just outside the boundary now since it shifted), after thinking I'd found it earlier, finding it was wrong only made me try harder. It's a good house and he must love it but in a few years those stairs will become a burden, sadly they had become a major burden for Grace.
He claims to never having been rich, I find that easy to believe, a mortgage on this lovely house would ensure that.


  1. Maybe he has an elevator inside the garage. I suppose you would say a lift.

  2. Yes we would say lift but I think it'd be a magical invisible one if it existed. The man's as fit as a mallee bull so the stairs are going to worry him before nursing home time but he's not the only one there.
    As soon as the result's official we will have seven living former PMs a surprising number considering 3 of them chalked up 30 years between them.