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Japanese war tunnels.

I can't say the Japanese are well regarded here, the tales of bayoneting babies is quite real for them, This would have been one of the last holdouts before the Americans, with a little help from us Aussies and others liberated the Philippines in WW2, this is a tourist pay for entry that was naturally closed.
The sign over the locked entry.
A tunnel off on the side that isn't locked, a well positioned rock to protect them from shooting an intruder to the main tunnel.
A sign there. Those boys deserve a medal just for thinking of what they did.
I said Aussie help earlier, we had some ships, the main one being HMAS Australia which suffered rather crippling damage the Lingayen Gulf attack that largely cleared the Philippines. It limped back to Australia and was patched back into a roughly seaworthy condition but since all Aussie ports were reserved for the repair of British ships, had to steam to Britain for repair.
At least we had the USA for a real ally, and still have.


  1. Some military units have many members from specific states or areas with localized skills in mountaineering or forestry, etc.

  2. Interesting. I lived in Rawis, never knew that.

  3. Interesting. I lived in Rawis, never knew that.

  4. I believe there may be better tunnels in the hills beyond Guinobatan but that area may not be safe for western looking people like me yet.