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Big day at Bicol University.

Olivia sent me this just now, somehow they found 15,000 people and dressed them up to make a very large no-smoking sign.
They sure have plenty of people in the Philippines, they have so many smokers (men at least) yet they still found 15k people to get involved.
The Guinness book of records may possibly mention this in a future edition.

BTW Bicol is pronounced in the same manner as former great cricketer Andy Bichel who was the superstar of the 2003 50-over World Cup. For those for whom he is somewhat unknown try saying bickel or in Bicol's case bickol, but being an Aussie they would sound the same.


  1. Speaking of pronunciation, here is some interesting research Linda just discovered, fun too:

  2. Good luck finding different dialects in Australia, about the only differences are what some objects are called.