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Daraga Post Office.

Service's ~100,000 people, ~40 PO boxes.
Ingham  ~10,000 people, ~~1000 PO boxes.
Mail service Ingham, quick and reliable, mail took over two months to reach Olivia from me.


  1. You've been busy giving us a glimpse of some non-turista sites. The banana ketchup wins the prize.

  2. Thank you Dave, being with a local has been an immense help, I'd like to think I have a history of picking out the obscure.
    They're currently building a new international airport near Legazpi City, it should provide a definite boost to the area, and the Philippines in general as it isn't Manila, however much will need to be done yet to smarten the place up for tourists, but they have natural beauty in the area and are lovely friendly people.