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Sugar hit.

I thought I'd see if sugar was a temptation to the green ants that constantly wander across the top of our front stairs. I might have to investigate a bit further as they stop as if paralysed when they grab a taste of it.
Green ants are only a problem when they get on you, their bite/sting/whatever is more annoying than painful.


  1. Remember that the artificial sweetener used in diet drinks was originally developed to be an ant killer, try the experiment with EQUAL, you should be able to grab a sachet from the local coffee shop.

    A very interesting experiment you have going.

    Oh, and have fun when you go O/S, be prepared to see poverty though.

  2. I must follow up with the experiment though there's no point destroying Green Ants.
    Olivia has been fantastic, her local knowledge and language skills have really helped my adventure. Poverty yes but they can be happier than the rich.

  3. Green ants? No green ants here in Florida.
    Fire ants were a problem here until the crazy ants, aka strawberry ants, invaded from Texas and started eating the fire ants.

  4. I must try to get a photo but there's a really painful ant here at Cagsawa that might be a fire ant, I'm not keen on getting close though.
    They also have an ant that's in all respects identical to our green ant except the colour is a reddish brown.