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Oh dear, sharp object.

I bought this soldering iron at a clearance shop in Legazpi City for P25 (something like $0.70) and the Edison screw lamp holders for about the same amount each, but it dawned on me I may have trouble with the pointy end of the iron in my carry bag. I won't be happy to lose a bargain like that.
So I reversed the point and poked the tip further down the barrel of the iron, fingers crossed I have an easy time now when I return home shortly.


  1. Looks like bomb making materials to me.
    I'd better alert the authorities.

    Michael Golden

  2. Oh dear, I can imagine the headline already, timid surrendering Aussie obliterated by intense machine gun fire by brave airport police for suspicion of bomb possession, later found to be useless trinkets. An apology was later offered and the matter considered closed.

    BTW I was picked out for the new nudie scanner when leaving Australia.

  3. Bullshit. Put in your luggage, not your carry on. It would be fine. When you can not get to it, it makes a difference.

    Jim, how much are scanners over there? Any chance of getting one? :-)

  4. Only carry on Ken, I'm flying on a super budget, now a very concerned budget with Mayon updated to an alert 1 status, I hope it doesn't stop me leaving on Tuesday.
    Prices are no cheaper here for anything imported.