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Out the window at Avia Inn.

Another place to stay and sadly another that lacks hot water.
Quite a busy road outside, being the junction of the main highway and the Legazpi bypass road. Noise control of vehicles is very similar to North Queensland, I'd say no control. I think most vehicles would never know the quieting touch of a new muffler after the original has corroded away, a major exception being motorcycles where judging by the sound of them have eager owners who splash out on "racing mufflers" which in my belief are just a hollow can devoid of any plumbing that might offer even a hint of quieting. To be fair to them about that, Aussie Harley-Davidson riders must source their mufflers from a similar supplier, perhaps one that has learned how to convert excess energy (and fuel) into additional noise.
At night time things settle down a bit but even the drunk parades get drowned out by whatever occasional vehicles blast past.

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