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A key, how exciting.

Well not really but the lass who cut it did say there was no way it was going to work unless my lock is seriously borked. It works and Jimmy doesn't care, he just wanted a plain key, plus now has the old one as a spare.
Anyway after that feeble excuse for a post, happy birthday to brother Mega. 7*8 today.


  1. Ta Bro, but really, just another day...

    Update on 1360 Kat...
    Finally back on road, cams have 263 inlet & 252 exhaust duration, 37 degrees overlap and lobe centres of 110.5 inlet, 110 exhaust. For a motor with such long duration cams at 1.27mm lift, the amount of torque it has makes it a real monster, it just pulls so hard from 3000 that I have to stop wheelies happening, I am having jetting problems, way rich , does not run well over 6000, probably have to reduce jets to smaller than stock. I'm mounting a lambda sensor, just got to get box for voltage monitor and I'll know what mixture is. Only need Hyabusa throttle bodies, a fuel pump and regulator and I'll fuel inject it, all looking good so far.

  2. Injection would probably be the single best thing you could do to any engine.
    Variable valve timing is another magic wand but that's a bit more recent.
    Adjustable cam timing gears may be an aid as you'd be able to index the cams.