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Something happening.

I went into town this morning to get money from the bank and the road was blocked, something must have happened at Lee's Hotel.
Of course Lee's Hotel or the Day Dawn as it was known back then was the place where the bush poem that the iconic song "The Pub with no Beer" was made from was written, due to WW2 beer shortages.
Of course song is the only useful outlet for poetry, bush or any other sort.

Edit: I should have looked a bit closer, It's the Royal Hotel, and the press reports it had a bit of a fire, no reported casualties.
I couldn't smell anything nor see any smoke.


  1. I hear your Government has gone completely daft. How does shutting down carbon emitting industry in Australia deal with all the real pollution coming from China?

  2. It's embarrassing enough without being reminded of it, if it wasn't for the mining boom we'd all be packing bananas for a living.
    Be thankful of your freedom in the USA because our puppet government has it's strings pulled by communists disguised as Greens.
    The press and even weblogs are now under attack and effectively quietened, I'd better look out for stormtroopers now but at least I'd get my teeth fixed and health looked after behind bars.

  3. Must have been bigger than it looks. 3 Fire units and an ambulance.

    You should also ask your councilors to get someone to gurney of the side walks, they look shocking.