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Sorry I've been very slow of late, I had some trouble upgrading my computer's cooler which sadly ended up with Jimmy making a total mess of the motherboard's CPU socket in attempting to clean off some crud that had prevented the pins connecting. Jimmy's eyesight just isn't good enough to play with these fiddly things any more so another same type of board was ordered but seemed to ride upon the slowest courier in the world.

Anyway job done now and the new water cooler is quite quiet, or as the new super educated generation would write, quite quite.


  1. ASRock makes great motherboards. I've used them for years.
    What the heck did you do to that socket? It looks like you took a hammer and chisel to it.

  2. That's pretty well what happened, up to a point I didn't care about a bit of damage, until....oops.
    What was more frustrating was ordering interstate on Monday, finally having it despatched on Thursday, then receiving it the following Thursday. I often get stuff quicker from China where frequently they despatch items within hours of ordering.
    The board was the same model with the main reason that I was able to source a supposedly refurbished one with no extras and a very slightly cheaper price.