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Rough night.

Cyclone Yasi beat us in the end, it tore off the board where our power connects to the house and part of the roof, later punching a hole in the ceiling. It also whacked a lot of trees and palms but that did me a favour so it's not all bad.
The board in the photo broke off at about one this morning and then spent the rest of the night bashing the window, which incredibly survives. None of our upstairs glass broke and I haven't seen any broken downstairs yet either but I'll look a bit more later.

Now we have to work out how to get the roof and our power fixed, that to me is a huge worry, we have insurance and money but we may need more.

We had a dry comfortable and sleepless night.


  1. Hi Jim
    Im pleased that you and Grace are ok I will be intouch later Cheers Al

  2. Hi Jim. When I heard about the floods, I wondered if you were ok. Found your webcam with the help of Redstar (remember, and now find you in a cyclone. Hope you come out of it with no more damage.
    Martin Bulmer

  3. Glad you're ok Jim, and how's Grace?

    Sorry I'n not able to help you with repairs but I think you'll be ok.

    I was rather worried about how you were going and then there were no reports of how Ingham fared, we were on Brown Alert here at Prince Charles (external disaster), not been a real good year so far....

    Are you ok for power?

  4. Brown alert? is that fear of pooing one's pants?

    Never mind Grace and I are fine but no water, no power is annoying.
    At least My good inverter seems to have dried out enough to be useful now.