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Invisible or do they hate us?

We've waited patiently for our power to be restored so we can get our lives back, but late yesterday arvo was just too typical for us. An Ergon truck toured down the street inspecting, then turned around tooted and cheered to us, and 10 minutes later our neighbours had power. The only thing we had with power is the lead in from the street that a sparky disconnected and left lying on the ground. It arced up like a welder last night when we had yet more rain, so I suppose it's live.

Anyway we still don't have a phone service, so I'm gunna have to find someone to see about it.

The line drops from the upper centre of the picture, over the hated tree on the footpath.


  1. Glad to see you both came through it. Hoping you get everything up and running.

  2. Thanks Todd, eventually we'll recover. Today I found out what was previously a mystery, we can't get the power reconnected until the roof is repaired, it would have been nice to know a few facts earlier. Anyway we're putting it in the hands of insurance and in the meantime we're borrowing a small amount of power from next door in exchange for beer.

    We now have an operating fridge and computers, much to my joy our ADSL is functional without being brilliant but an added bonus is the phone still doesn't work.