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Grand Crapola.

This rat's nest of wire caused us much misery over the last fortnight, water had leaked onto it due to our roof failure and corroded the last bit of life out of it. With phones out everywhere around us I just assumed the failure was upstream somewhere, until I was shocked to hear Jenny next door's phone had come back on, that stirred me into action and I found breakage in the wire here that I've slapped a bit of solder on to see if we can operate again, yippee but the connection was ugly and barely worked.

I've now tidied it up by wiring an old and faulty (though not in the bit I cut off) cat5e network cable onto it. It's the blue cable dangling to the left. Much success now and just gave me a download of 17.99 mb/s result, our best yet!
Very happy Jimmy now and he's even slapped the webcam back online, though he's pensioned off the temperature reading, we'll call it a victim of Cyclone Yasi.


  1. I was getting a bit worried about that live cable arcing up, when I was Electrical Supervisor, I would have happily kicked the persons responsible in the arse then sent them packing, they did not do their job properly!

    What do you need for the temperature reading?, do you want me to do another one? or do you want me to send you the parts?

    The Kat is coming along with the re-build, the cases have been relieved for the larger sleeves, the barrel has Bandit sleeves in it and has been bored and decked to suit the Hyabusa pistons, the transmission has been undercut, all is progressing well, it's going from a 1074 to 1360 (72mm bore to 81mm) and will still look stock.


  2. Some things that have happened only reinforce my cynical attitude. We've also been swamped by sewage a fair bit, apparently the council never restarted the sewage pump up the street after the power was reconnected, typically the council came and sprayed neighbour Jenny's yard as well as her other neighbour, but didn't even say hello to us nor Peter despite the sewage manhole for the near places being in our yard, with the yucky stuff flowing from the backyard through the underhouse area and out the front.

    Motivation is the major issue regards temperature, when I get a bit more it may return.

    That bike has been a good hobby for you mega, they all cost money but what doesn't? I buy too many cameras but so what?

  3. No temp reading, how are we in the land of the frozen going to know how warn that other people have it. Mega, you give Jim a gentle nudge to see it's up and working pronto.

  4. Cat5 makes great phone wire but it is more expensive than the old style Cat3. Many places here in the states are using it for all new phone wiring.