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Flood victim.

This connector was a casualty of the flooding that followed Yasi.
Tru's had a dash warning lamp since her floor got wet and finally Jimmy had a fair chance to find out why.
The warning code was a 49 which indicates a faulty seat position sensor and sure enough the connector to it was rather yucky looking. A clean up and a touch of contact grease has restored her to health, Tru will be pleased that Jimmy didn't wait any longer though but he can only manage one task at a time.


  1. I see your camera is running again at

    Things still look a little wet.

  2. 674 mm so far this month, tomorrow we'll go past a metre for this year. The gutter outside is an excellent mosquito haven but the frogs don't mind, more good tucker for them.
    The rain does a good job of preventing work, the new carpet for Tru arrived but it has to wait.