Our Sydney trip, day 1.

We started our journey under grey skies that became incessant rain for too many hours, casting a gloomy spell over us, here we go past Virgin Rock near Springsure when at last the rain was clearing a bit, but I couldn't be bothered stopping for photos on a dreary day.
A comfort stop at Springsure didn't add much cheer with a threadbare flower bed.
We overnighted at Rolleston Caravan Park which I had organised way in advance, and we had a win when the van we'd wanted was taken, so we were upgraded to a larger cabin. This bug clung to the door frame to the ablution block all night, and was possibly about the most interesting thing about the place. Rolleston exists because it's a long way from anything but in its favour the fuel there is way cheaper than the millionaires town Emerald 140 km up the road.
The cabin we stayed at is priced at $80 per night but it isn't value at that price, about all you can do here is rest for the night. the ablution block was pretty good, but then I possibly look for different things than most when I consider my likes, it had a shower with a dry shelf and hooks, a washbasin that made for a comfortable shave, and a lavatory that was clean and flushed, all good by me but lacking was a urinal, so a minus for that.
A dreary day.

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