Active this morning.

Olivia picked up a budget wooden thingy via the local trading group on Facebook, an excellent source of bargains and local information snippets.
It's a bit wobbly so here I'm fitting a brace I made from a bit of scrap.
About to fit some casters here, do I have two chins or none?
A fancier job than normal, I measured the mounting point for the casters before fitting them. The drill I rescued a few months ago after I had virtually abandoned it due to its poor operation, the problem was a bad carbon brush which a new one fixed.
One of the screws was a bit loose so here I seek the right torx fitting to tighten it, lucky Jimby grabbed the right one first pick too.
Already I see an issue, it's going to sag with only 4 casters fitted, I shall have to mount a fifth centre one.


  1. One of the two paper shredders at the office died yesterday. There is a switch on the top half containing the motor that activates when placed on the lower collection bin.
    Somehow the plastic switch lever broke off and the shredder would no longer turn on.
    I thought to myself Jimmy would fashion a replacement part from an old ball point pen and have it good as new in no time.
    Then I smiled to myself and tossed it in the rubbish bin.

  2. That sounds pretty right, lets call it a challenge.