New tyres for Daisy.

We've just returned from a trip that included sightseeing Sydney, I had booked to get tyres fitted whilst we were there as I like to justify expenses by combining things.
I ordered a four genuine Chinese Kinforest KF550 tyres online from Tyroola to be fitted at Minchinbury and the whole deal was splendid, the tyre fitter who I wish I had asked the name of was a champion bloke and already I feel these tyres are way superior to the Goodyear Ducaro that was fitted as OEM, although I've yet to drive on a wet road, waiting, waiting.
 The old tyre is about worn down to the change zone after 19,400 km but I had booked a month ago at home and was calculating how much wear would occur on the trip, anyway I've hated these tyres for too long and they really became noisy when worn.
Not as much tread on the new tyre as I would have liked.
When I got home some 2600 km later there's not been much wear, the old tyres lost 1 mm after merely 1000 km but the maker must have put a soft layer on top to impress the journalists.
I was pleased the fitter shares my opinion about tyre pressures, he also pumps his way above recommendations, I keep mine above 300 kPa which I heard on the grapevine a while back is a very sound thing to do.
AU$244 for four tyres fitted that in the dry at least grip very well, steer beautifully, seem more comfortable and quiet than the old ones, and look set to last longer, I'm happy.

For those curious I bought them online from www.tyroola.com.au And my experience was a very happy one, I did however travel a long way to avoid the onerous in Australia freight cost, something that isn't really the fault of most traders. I'm still waiting for some wet roads but the dry grip of these Kinforest KF550 is more than good enough for this old man.

I'll pore over our trip photos and post a selection when I sort them out.

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