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Xmas is a coming.

Olivia has been busy wrapping things that she'll give away. I did see a few chocolate bars in the place a while back so I'll hazard a guess about the contents.
It's looking like a fairly bleak Xmas for us due largely to Immigration continuing to sit on their hands regarding Olivia, I can't help but feel her case has become lost in the system but fear that any approach to them will result in her file slipping back to the tail end of the queue. I suppose since they use the same computer company to run their stuff as did the last census debacle I can point the finger at the real villain that has caused such a stressful delay.
Meanwhile we just live day to day spending as little as possible. When the "needy" in our shire get their Xmas alms organised by the Mayor it won't help my mood knowing that none of them are on less income than we are, not that I want any help at all as we're doing OK.

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