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Real style.

Here's a still capture of William Demarest from the top shelf film "The Jolson Story" 1946, those eyes should have got him an Oscar as best supporting actor for sure for that year but fate intervened and who are we to complain. Here his eyes notice that Jolson's marriage has just become kaput and he certainly isn't happy. I like his hair here better than when he became Uncle Charlie on "My Three Sons"
Anyway the point of this is to note that people all knew how to comb their hair in those days and it's about time I grew what's left of my hair into something combworthy and this has the mark of style for me to aim for. The downside is despite now being quite thin on top my hair has yet to recede, which could make the task difficult but at least the colour's right as I still have a few dark hairs.
Unless laziness rears its usual for me head stay tuned for what be become a change of style.

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