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Sorting out a Delongi coffee maker.

Lorna dropped this Delongi Primadonna coffee maker off last night and figured I could fix it.
I soon determined that it needed a new part which they call a diffuser, which also happily is available at a reasonable price for this rather expensive machine, but what may have also cropped up with my looking at it was that it failed to boot at all, this meant me having to disassemble it to check inside, that took hours due to an unhealthy lack of information online.
Eventually I found that there's a plastic strip that covers the upper rear area where the filler flap covers, it just pulls off to expose a couple of screws, my finger points to one, then the rear cover slides off to expose the side cover screws which also slide off life a computer case.
Here I replace a screw that I had needlessly removed while seeking a method of opening the machine.
When the new diffuser arrives I still have doubts about the usability of this, Lorna wants to give it to us but I'll get it running and let her work out what to do. It cost her (former) Hubby $2,000 and does seem a clever machine but it's meant for a different type of person to me.

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