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Torrens Creek to Aramac.

We turned south at Torrens Creek, I wanted to check how the road had progressed since we left 13 years ago, there's now only 34 km of dirt road left, down from the ~200 km of dirt back then, but it's all been sealed from the Aramac end, due in part I believe because of the Flinders shire not having any interest in sealing this state highway that uses state money. What's another pity is they also don't seem to have graded the dirt section since we left either. The surface was woeful, nearly all corrugations interspersed by patches of bulldust, at least the main roads website warns about it even though the same warning has been updated monthly for years.
 The dirt does give way to a good bitumen road after an hour or so (34 km) and driving became a pleasure again, a pity is I think it may be a forlorn hope that the final section will ever be sealed, the Aramac council who were sensibly keen to have the road sealed are now part of the Barcaldine regional council, and I can't see them being as keen. The Flinders shire may likely prefer a locked gate on it.
Anyway the current Earth Google view shows the end of the bitumen exactly where currently is -21.062, their street view is from an older time.
A surprise was a public lavatory halfway along the road, complete with enough flies doubt the worth of the effort.
Daisy looks pristine here still, incidents later on the journey have left her looking world weary, but more about that later.

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