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Carols by candlelight.

Olivia and I went to our annual Carols by candlelight tonight as we were scheduled to sing a few ditties. The sunset cast a lovely shadow of a xmas bell decoration.
The crowd was building up as we were on stage. No piccies of us though.
After us came the Scovassi lasses. Both good in quite different ways.
Then Bonnie Zaghini did a pretty good job, and coped very well with the equipment failure that plagued her.
The Herbert Valley Voices finished off the evening very well. Everything flowed along quite smoothly and left a good taste in my mouth.


  1. Sounds like a nice evening. Linda is in the church choir and they do some special music presentations around the big holidays. - Todd

  2. It was a nice evening and I'm now old enough to relax and enjoy the little things in life, but like many Aussies I lack a belief in God.