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A chore on Daisy.

I rotated Daisy's tyres this morning, it's not a chore I believe in doing but I'm aiming to even up the tyre wear to better suit buying replacements.
Still 5 mm of tread left but it's a mystery as to how long that'll last, the rubber seems to get harder the more they wear. I hate buying tyres, satisfaction is difficult in Australia due largely I think being such a small market.
The pads I put on a year ago still have plenty of meat on them. I bought them as I figured the ultra cheap ones I got would sacrifice their own wear life in order to give the rotors an extended life, it looks life the pads will also last a lifetime. A bonus has been the grip and feel are much better than the stock pads, just look for Protex Blue.
My yellow valve caps look glum as I replaced them with ultra cheap jobs for a soon to be taken trip away to see my parents. The last time we saw them at Walgett locals "borrowed" a couple of my nice caps, I'm taking spares this time and will monitor things.

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