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When we saw they wanted to form a singing group in Ingham I was very happy for Olivia to have an outlet but somehow I haven't managed to slink into the background as I'd intended, and just help her along, somehow they got me to sing as well, at least I didn't do it very well.
Today Ingham opened the new town mosaic which is 50 metres long, here we are at the end of it warbling away before the speeches, I must say too that's it's a pretty good effort and a great example of arts funding that isn't an utter waste, the tiles were pretty well all donated by townsfolk and much of them have a long history themselves. Senator Brandis should be congratulated for steering arts funding in more sensible direction.  I'll come back here in a few days when the crowd abates and take some photos of them.

Some of the luminaries who gave speeches, including state MP Andrew Cripps.

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